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 I need those pokes:

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PostSubject: I need those pokes:   August 5th 2008, 1:45 pm

Moltres, Modest nature, UT

Articuno, Calm nature, UT

Zapdos, Timid nature, UT (would be great if it is Hidden power Ice)

Suicune, Bold nature, UT

Entei, Adamant/Jolly nature, UT

Raikou, Timid nature, UT (would be great if you could get Hidden power Ice/Grass)

Registeel, Careful/Relaxed nature, UT

Regice, Calm nature, UT

Regirock, Careful nature, UT

Heatran, Modest nature, UT

Celebi, Timid nature, UT

I know its alot and they are all hard to get. but if you wanna help me, I'm here to be helped

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I need those pokes:
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