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PostSubject: Member Rules   Member Rules Icon_minitimeJune 10th 2008, 5:31 pm

Rule 1: Respect Your Fellow Members

This is the most important rule here. In order to keep a healthy, peaceful community, we have to enforce this rule. Please respect the members here -- treat them the way you want them to treat you. We do not want any flaming or any personal arguments to occur on this site. If you have an issue with someone else, take it somewhere else, not here.
EDIT:this also means do NOT talk about others behind their back, no more warning for this rule, anyone who breaks it will have a one week ban

Rule 2: No Cursing, No Discrimination

This is a site for all ages and thus we must be appropriate in regard to language. Foul language will not be permitted. Any racism or discrimination of any kind, whether it be of race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, will not be tolerated here. We are a peaceful community and do not want people to get hurt only because of their preferences.

Rule 3: Do NOT double post, Do NOT SPAM, Do NOT type in all CAPS

SPAM (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) is not permitted in this forum. Punishment will be imminent if caught spamming. Spamming includes: posting irrelevant replies to a topic, posting the same topic more than once, double posting, and posts that are less than one sentence. Spam is unnecessary and does not add anything to our forum. If you need to make an addition to your previous post, do not hesitate to use the edit button at the top left corner of the post. Also, DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS LIKE THIS -- it is very annoying to read and is quite unnecessary. Lastly, try not to use 1337 speak, it's annoying to read and is extremely unnecessary

Double Posting: When someone posts the SAME EXACT MESSAGE twice in a row.

n00b: y0 h0m135 1 ju57 pwn3d s0m3 n00b 1n p0k3m4n h4r h4r h4r
Admin: You have just broken rule 2, please do not do it again or you will be banned, this is your first and final warning
n00b: 1 w1ll pwnz j00 f00!
N00b has been banned <---do not let this be you

Rule 4: No Obscenity, No PORN

This is a very strict rule that will be enforced here. Absolutely no pornographic, nude, or sexual images are allowed to be posted on this site. As stated before, this forum is a community for all ages, and most people here are not even at the right age to look at obscene graphics. If you break this rule, you will receive a permanent ban without question.

Rule 5: No Advertising

This is also a strict rule here. We do not allow the advertising of any other sites on Pokemon Colosseum forums, and that includes other forums, or non-related sites. Vice versa, we do not want anyone from this forum advertising us on other forums unless they allow it. It is rude, indecent, and breaks their rules, which we need to give courtesy to. Also, we do not promote "site-wars" with other forums. We are a peaceful community and hope to keep it that way. If you are caught advertising, you will be given a warning and if you do it again, you will receive a ban.

Rule 6: Do not Revive Old Topics

Old topics are a thing of the past and do not need to be revived. Usually they will be locked and moved to the "Archives" forum, but if you by chance see one, please notify an administrator or moderator to lock and move it.

Rule 7: You Are Responsible For Your Account

If someone spams from your account, you are still held responsible for that action. This "excuse" is used commonly for spamming and then trying to return to the forums.

Rule 8: Respect Administrator and Moderator Decisions

Please respect administrators and moderators decisions. They usually have a legitimate reason for a ban, or any other action, but if you strongly feel that one of them has been wrong, talk to another administrator about it.And also respect the staff.

Rule 9: Do Not Beg for Administrator or Moderator Positions, Do Not Beg for Pokemon

As of now we are currently not looking for any more moderators or administrators so please do not ask for these positions. Administrators will pick out people for the job. You will receive warning and a ban if the begging occurs again. Also, do not beg for pokemon in the forums. We have a trading forum where you can offer to trade one of your pokemon for another desired one.

Rule 10: Do Not Ask Other Members About Personal Information

Please do not ask others about their personal information (i.e.: age, last name, address) on this forum. We discourage any sort of action that invades other people's privacy and intend to keep it that way. You are allowed to ask first name, and gender, but if you go too far, the person can report it to the admins and you will be punished.

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Member Rules
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