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 Rules of the Art Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Art Forum   July 10th 2008, 10:31 am

1. Do not post anything inappropriate.

2. Do not post anything that does not belong to you.

3. Do not spam.

4. Do not curse.

5. You are allowed to reserve the first 3 posts of your topic. First post-10 banners, Second post-5 banners, Third post-5 banners.You may only post art in these posts!

6.All banners must be no bigger than 600x200.

7.The banner must not contain anything inappropriate or advertising a forum.

8. All banners MUST be in 'Spoiler' Tag.

Spoiler Tag:Code:

PM me for questions.

Credit to PL for the Rules


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Rules of the Art Forum
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